FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase online

 How you register?

You can make your registration through a simple procedure :

-Cliccare at the top right on the log symbol in

-Cliccare on 'Create Account', put all the required data and click on 'Create'

You will receive a confirmation e-mail at the address you provided in the registration step where you will be asked to activate your new account by clicking on 'Activate your account' and you will later receive a confirmation e-mail.

A schedule is expectedminimum order?

No, no minimum order is expected, orders of any amount can be made.

What it is and how the 'promotional code / discount' works?

This is a code, which you can enjoy within a certain date, which allows you to get a discount on the total purchase price by placing it in payment. To receive it you must be enrolled in the newsletter.

I made an order, how do I know if it's confirmed?

Once you have completed your order, within 24h you will receive a confirmation e-mail at the address you provided in the registration step (it is recommended that you also check in the Spam folder).

In case you do not receive the confirmation e-mail within 24h from completion of the order please contact us.

You can make the cancellation of an order?

Yes, you can make the cancellation of an order always and when it has not yet been shipped.

You can get your refund on an order made?

Yes, you can receive the full refund in case of cancellation, always and when the order has not yet been shipped.

In case they fail to have products in stock and you could not complete the order, these will be automatically refunded.


What are the accepted payment methods?

Bancomat and Charter of Credit

Deliveries and shipments

 Where can the purchases be shipped?

Purchases made on the online Store of 90grammi can be shipped all over the national territory of the Iberian Peninsula, including the islands. For now, we still do not carry out expeditions outside Spain's national territory.

How much do the shipping tariffs amount to?

standard shipping: 4.99€

refrigerated shipping: 6.99€

The shipping fees amount to 4.99€ per order. Starting from 60 € of expense the shipping fee will be refunded (offer valid only for the Standard Shipping just for Barecelona city).

How can you trace your order?

To draw your order you will be able to enter the tracking code that will be provided by e-mail at the request of the customer in the appropriate section 'Sigue tu invío' of the website of Seur :www.seur.com.

What are the timelines of sending orders?

To ensure a good sending service and not having to refrigerate products that do not need to ruin it, the online Store of 90grammi also makes two types of shipping on the same order :

  • Standard shipment: This is an expected type of shipment for products that do not need refrigeration. The order will be delivered within 24 /48h as of the time of shipment. As of 60 the shipping fee will be refunded.
  • Refrigerated Shipping: This is a type of shipment planned for products that need refrigeration. Orders will be delivered within 24h.

This means that if a same order includes both products in need of refrigeration, which products that do not need it, you will receive two parcels (one with Standard shipment and one with Refrigerated shipping). The shipping fee will still be 4.99 €.

All shipments are realized from Monday to Friday. Orders made from Friday to Sunday will be shipped on Mondays.

If an order is made during public holidays or non-working days, the shipment will not be carried out until the following working day. Having the online Store of 90grammi as the city of Barcelona, no shipments will be made even during the days considered as festive or non-working in Cataluña.

What to do if you are not present at your domicile during delivery?

If at delivery, which will be carried out on the set day, the customer will not find himself at the domicile, the forwarder will leave a notice and return the following day to make a second delivery attempt. If even on this occasion the customer will not be present, a second notice will be left and the order will be taken to the nearest Seur branch, where you will be able to move to withdraw it.

In the case the forwarder should not leave any notice, please contact us.

What to do if the parcel received is damaged?

In case the parcel arrives damaged please contact us through the e-mail infoclientes90grammi@gmail.com to be able to schedule a free reshipment or receive a refund.

 If you have not found the answer you were looking for in previous questions do not hesitate to contact us via the following e-mail address :

Customer assistance : infoclientes90grammi@gmail.com